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18 June, 2016

consumer-financing1There is a throat to neck competition in all fields of business. Even though people are now more ready to spend, they are much smarter, selective and savvier than before. Recent studies done on the consumer behaviour indicated that, people were more likely to spend on technology. However the consumers are bombarded with options of technological solutions which makes the situation really tough for companies selling these products.
Vendors are constantly on the lookout for new strategies to increase their sales and most often these organizations which offer technological solutions achieve their objective using simple strategies, one such strategy is making the process easy for customers to buy the product. This can easily be accomplished by starting a completely customized financial program for the consumers. This is provided with ease and absolutely hassle free, so that consumers get tempted to buy the desired product as there is absolutely no hindrance to their budget.
This is good for the consumers too, as they only need to repay the amount in a prescribed time span. This helps the business in retention of customers as well as to generate new leads from the public too. It was also found that, this facility made consumers buy more, thereby boosting sales of the vendor. Let us look at the benefits of this program in detail:
Complete financing: Many financial institutions such as Alpha Customer Financing Solutions offers 100 % finance facilities to maintenance and software contracts with absolutely no down payment options. This is extremely beneficial for the consumers as they do not have to worry about their pockets immediately while they could own their objects of desire without any wait. This is also likely to encourage the customers to invest more in other goods and services too.
Cash Flow: With improved credit financing, consumers need not spend on the good that has been purchased by them, which makes them buy or spend on other goods or services. This is helps the business, as when the financial organizations take charge of the responsibility of credit. They can retain the capital in the business or re-invest it so as to expand or even diversify the business.
Flexibility in Payment: Consumers have a lot of flexibility in paying back the cost of their purchased product. They are free to choose a payback scheme which would suit their needs and specifications. For example, there are many schemes ranging from 6 months to a year. This is a great advantage to the consumer as he/she would get almost a year to repay the amount.
Good customer relations: As we discussed above when there is a hassle free and flexible financing package, the customers would be happy and satisfied with the shopping experience. They would feel an enhanced buying power which would make them recommend it to others as well. This would also make the consumers to frequent the business more often, converting their interests into purchases. Having a good relation and rapport with the consumers result in great advantage to the store all together.

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14 June, 2016


You don’t have money to settle your debts or having only less money that will take several years to settle your debt. You have bankruptcy option available to you. In Bankruptcy, all your assets and properties are liquidated to settle your debts to the creditors. Your assets like house, land and car will be sold to pay your debts. You need to file bankruptcy legally and your name will be displayed in the bankruptcy registered by your nation.

In the website https://doylesalewski.ca/ontario/brockville/bankruptcy/, you can find the bankruptcy advice followed by the professionals working with Doylesalewski a bankruptcy firm. You can seek the expert’s advice before applying for bankruptcy. The experts working in the bankruptcy firm analyze whether you are eligible to file bankruptcy or not.

Sometimes you become ineligible to file a bankruptcy when you didn’t attend the credit counseling or when you defraud your creditors or the bankruptcy court. The professionals working in the bankruptcy firm support you through the entire bankruptcy process starting from filing your bankruptcy case to settling your debts to creditors.

Bankruptcy never includes a minimum or the maximum amount you can bankrupt if your debt amount is greater than your belongings value. Your assets include car, bike, house, electrical goods, antiques which are sold to clear your debts.

Bankruptcy is the best option where your debts are written off and your creditors will not pressure you. You can start a fresh life after applying for bankruptcy and your creditors will not use harsh words against you or pressure you for money. During bankruptcy period, you need to follow many rules and it affects your day-to-day life.

The bankruptcy officials take all your assets leaving you with some money and household items to lead your daily life. There are some restrictions that you should follow during the bankruptcy period. Some of the rules are listed here.

If you are buying money above a certain limit from the lender then you should inform the lender about your bankruptcy. You cannot be a director of a company and engage in activities like setting up the business, promoting your products and running your business without getting concurrence from the court. You should not run a business in other names that are different from the business name that is bankrupted without informing others doing the business in other names that you are bankrupted. The next rule is you should not act as an insolvency practitioner.

You need to come across more bitterness in your life during the bankruptcy period. You lose your home where you were living for several years, after bankruptcy you are not allowed to do certain jobs, hard to get credit for few years.

It is essential to check how bankruptcy affects you and your family in certain situations and look for the options to clear all your debts before applying for bankruptcy. Once you received the bankruptcy order from the court your creditors will not disturb you and you are not responsible for paying any money to them.

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8 May, 2016

Vendor Finance ProgramsBeing a finance provider in the market, you will soon realize that you have many competitors. In today’s HVAC industry, it is very important to satisfy your customer’s need. Else they will look for other options that work for them. Providing customer finance is one of the best services any industry could do. The industry usually provides finance for products such as water heaters that are tank less, air conditioners, water tanks, furnaces, etc. and other products that are most in demand among Canadians and they want the financing options to be flexible. Those options include the term of repayment of the loan could be for a period 5 years. Some clients also ask for no payment option for a period of six months based on their convenience
Offering such customer friendly solutions based on their need and creating customized financing plans that suits their economic condition will make your client to be more comfortable with your service. It is only these types of flexible programs that retain your potential clients again and again with you. During the initial stage all you have to do is to get their original legal name, address, your primary source of income, details of your asset and your date of birth and other basic details.
There are important things to consider in the financing procedures. Those include the approval period for your credit. Also consider whether the approval takes place on the same day or it may take place on subsequent days. At this stage you can coordinate with the product dealer in confirming the product approvals and also the expected delivery and the installation procedures for the product. Here the customers need to sign a customer project. At this stage the final price of the product is mentioned and the client’s approval is got for the same price quote.

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